Welcome to the world of PHARM FOOT

PHARM FOOT is a brand that was created thanks to the commitment and experience of experts in the field of dermatology, podiatry and cosmetics. The perfectly composed formulas  were created by a team of specialists led by Prof. Irena Walecka, an authority in the field of dermatology. The offer perfectly fits into the professional market related to the care of feet and nicely combines podiatry with beauty.

Quality and effectiveness

PHARM FOOT dermocosmetics for the feet support professional podiatry treatments and reach the source of problems to prevent them in the future. The quality, effectiveness and safety of the formulas are an absolute priority for the creators of the brand. The above-average effectiveness of PHARM FOOT products is a guarantee of improving the quality of life of people with foot problems.

Knowledge and experience

The PHARM FOOT brand is a response to the needs of the professional salon services market and  VICTORIA VYNN brand customers, i.e. nail technicians. The new brand gives them the opportunity for professional growth, improvement of their skills and knowledge and expansion of the portfolio of services offered in the salon. Based on their knowledge and experience, the team of PHARM FOOT experts wants to improve the quality of life of people with foot problems, wants to give them the opportunity to achieve more, feel better, be well-groomed, beautiful and healthy.

Your path to success and comfort is our path!