Level: advanced course, level II
Duration: 12-14 hour, 2 days
Number of participants: 2 – 4 persons

Regular price: 2200 zł

Promotion price: 1800 zł* (* Number of participants is limited!)
Certificate: PHARM FOOT

Contact with the training department: export@pharmfoot.com

Who is this training for?


It is dedicated to persons who desire to expand their offer of services at the salon and podiatry pedicure. This is the training in the field of knowledge on the foot anatomy, proper analysis of the skin and nails condition as well as the assessment of the major deformations of the bone structure. The training allows to understand the process of skin hyperkeratosis and to learn the methods of cleaning and caring for feet with lesions such as corns, calluses, cracking heels, and other cracks. The practical side of the training comprises operating with tools such as scalpel, chisel and carrying out basic pressure deflections. The training is conducted by certified PHARM FOOT instructors, according to the proprietary training programme.




  • Health and Safety at the pedicure desk
  • Decontamination sequence – disinfection and sterilisation
  • Structure of the skin and its functions
  • Structure of the nail apparatus
  • Major diseases of the nail plate
  • Basic anatomy of the lower limbs
  • Indications and contraindications for performing pedicure
  • Products and tools required at work
  • Preparing the workstation
  • Preparing the customer for the treatment
  • Interviewing the customer
  • Products for PHARM FOOT treatments
  • ACTIVE FOAM treatment
  • SCALPEL TOUCH treatment
  • Pressure deflecting
  • Description of the active ingredients



  • Preparing the workstation
  • Preparing the customer for the treatment
  • ACTIVE FOAM – treatment in active foam with the use of the electric foot file and the scrubber
  • SCALPEL TOUCH – treatment with the use of the scalpel and the electric file
  • Carrying out basic pressure deflection

Check what you get in the price of training

After completing the training every participant receives a special package of products and marketing material worth 150 zł.

Ornamented, personalized and numbered certificate

Training script

PHARM FOOT test kit

Discount voucher for PHARM FOOT products

PHARM FOOT gadgets

Guidance of qualified PHARM FOOT instructors