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Do you run a podiatry clinic? Do you have your own beauty parlor providing pedicure services or a cosmetic warehouse with foot preparations?

Or maybe you are just looking for home foot skin care products?

PHARM FOOT foot products combine podiatry and the beauty zone, responding to the requirements and needs of professionals who are looking for the best preparations for foot and nail care treatments. Below you will find many interesting materials that will help you choose the right products. All downloads are free and available to you at any time. See the product catalog and guides on the use of PHARM FOOT dermocosmetics in the treatment of foot problems. Take advantage of the experience and knowledge of experts – develop and expand the portfolio of your services with PHARM FOOT!

Innovative System
product marketings

Get to know our innovative PHARM FOOT product labeling system. The signature placed on each PHARM FOOT podology preparation is a convenient and simple system that defines the purpose of the products according to their use in care and during treatments. Discover carefully designed products for professional foot care during all stages of the treatment in a beauty or podiatry salon and for continuing treatment at home. We have created a clear division into products for professional (S), home (H) and home and salon use (SH). The number next to the monogram indicates the stage of the treatment.

Treatment guide

The PHARM FOOT treatment guide is a practical set of tips useful in everyday work with PHARM FOOT products. Download the complete guide and see how to easily choose the right PHARM FOOT preparation for the working methods, purpose, the foot skin and nails problem and the treatment stage – PREP, CARE, TREATMENT. See how to use professional PHARM FOOT foot and nail care cosmetics while working in a beauty or podiatry salon, or at home.

product catalog

Check the catalog of PHARM FOOT products for specialist foot and nail skin care. Discover all lines of preparations for podiatry, dermatological and cosmetic treatments – their properties, action, method of use and active ingredients. Discover PHARM FOOT products with high efficiency at every stage of the treatment in the salon, as well as at home. Get to know all product lines based on active ingredients aimed at a specific problem. Adjust the preparations to the needs of the client’s feet and nails.